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July 4th – Are we a good fit for you?

July 4th can be a fun, exciting, terrifying day! Every year there are countless reports of dogs panicking and escaping the confines of their home, to the deep dismay of their owners. And over the years, we’ve seen our share of highly anxious dogs on this holiday.


Being a home-based business offers many perks to you – extended hours for drop-off / pick-up, 7 days a week, a relaxing, home atmosphere, extra-large kennels, personalized care directly from the owners (no hired help), etc.


However, as a home-based business, we’re faced with the challenge of neighbors who don’t get how terrifying bright lights and big booms can be for a dog – especially when that dog is in a new, unfamiliar environment. Some dogs handle the fireworks just fine. If that’s your dog, great! But if you’re looking for a quiet escape for your dog over the Independence Day holiday, we regret to say we’re probably not the best fit.


Whether boarding with us or someone else, please consider if fireworks will be a factor, and whether or not your dog can handle it. We recommend that you err on the side of caution – even if that means staying home or taking your dog with you. They’ll love you for it!

The Holidays are Here!

We love the Christmas season! The tree is up, Christmas music is playing, the fireplace is blazing. Even the morning fog is oddly enjoyable. We get to enjoy this for a whole month! And yet somehow it rushes by.


Don’t let your Christmas travel plans sneak up on you without planning for your 4-legged family members! Historically this is a busy time for us, so now’s the time to make your reservation!


To highlight what we offer:

  • Smaller dogs can enjoy a cozy, heated room in our home (as always, this is subject to approval)
  • Larger dogs will enjoy one of our 4 secure kennels outside, optionally heated with portable propane heaters
  • We keep space limited so we can give adequate attention to every guest. learn more
  • Our kennels are fully enclosed, and our recreation area is carefully secured as well. Learn more learn more

What Now?

Fill out the form below or contact us to book your reservation. We look forward to hearing from you!


Progress on the new well

The well is installed! But we’re not finished yet. We still have to transfer the pump from the current well to the new one. We also have a mass of clay to deal with. Anybody have a use for huge amounts of clay? We’d love to hear from you!


The new well is 240 feet deep (the old one was just over 100 feet).


The project and cleanup will be ongoing for the next month at least. The GOOD news is that the boarding and training is not impacted by all this. We’re still actively taking reservations and caring for your dogs like ever before.


For your enjoyment / curiosity, here’s some photos of the drilling project.


Day 1

Drilling Begins

Preparing the drill site


Day 2

Drilling Day 2

Mud extracted from the well

Drilling Day 2

Lots of equipment!

Drilling Day 2

The magic drill bit! They pulled it out at the end of the day to avoid it seizing in the hole due to the walls swelling overnight.


Day 3

Drilling Day 3

The well is complete!

Drilling Day 3

A sticky, muddy mess (we wrapped the gates in plastic to protect them from flying mud)

Drilling Day 3

A mess left behind. Fortunately it dried in a couple days, and the gate still closes securely.


A Personal Note of Gratitude

In being a small, home-based business, we value our ability to keep things personal. So today we take a detour from our typical business-related posts to share something deeply personal to us. Something you’ve played a part in making possible… Building our family through adoption.


In the course of less than a year’s time, our oldest daughter went from being an only child to being the oldest of four! We were ecstatic in Sept 2014 to bring home our second daughter as a newborn. We were equally ecstatic (and slightly overwhelmed) to bring home twin boys from China in Aug 2015. Four months later and we’re still adjusting to our new life!


The resources needed to grow your family through adoption are considerable, not the least of which being economic. Your trust in us has made it possible to have the family we hoped for. So in the spirit of the Season, we want to express our sincere appreciation for you! We couldn’t have done it without you!


The ability for Sheryl to remain home with our children is of utmost importance to us. And being a dog-lover through and through, dog boarding is an ideal fit. Some have assumed we’d take a break from the business now that we have three one-year-olds in the house (yes, it is a lot of work), but not so! We have every plan to continue boarding as we always have. We’ll even introduce you to our kids if you like :).


Family Photo 2015
Kiana, Jaeden, Sheryl, Kaelyn, Brian, Caleb

Keeping Warm

It’s winter!

One of our favorite times of year, where we enjoy homemade fudge, hot chocolate, Christmas music, family, and cheesy movies. But while we’re cozied up in our home, of course we grow concerned for our dogs outside.


I’m amazed at how resilient most dogs are with cold temperatures. All of our dogs are indoor dogs with fairly light coats. Yet we take them to the snow and they bounce around with no sign of discomfort! Still, playing in the snow and enduring a whole night in frigid weather are two different things, and we’re cognizant of that reality.


So what about your dog?

If you’re concerned about your dog spending the night outside with us, please let us know. In addition to the dog houses we provide, we are equipped with propane heaters. This has been a huge relief to some recent clients, so we felt it was worth mentioning here.


You can also contribute. Does your dog have a doggie jacket? Extra bedding? Or even an electric dog bed heater1? Bring it along and we’ll try to implement it (additional charges may apply).


1 A note about electric dog bed heaters: we don’t supply these, and will only agree to use one if your dog is already accustomed to it. Think carefully before you decide to run a live extension cord into an unattended kennel with a chew-happy dog!


Bottom Line

Ask! We want your dog to be comfortable. So please let us help.

What Now?

Fill out the form below or contact us to book your reservation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t Trust your GPS!

Quick tip. We’ve had several people misled by their GPS devices while trying to find us. If you end up north of Adams, this has probably happened to you! We’re located south of Adams. We’re glad to give you directions personally, but if you want to plot directions, use Google Maps – they’ll get you here the first time!


IMPORTANT: Proof of vaccinations is required. Without them, services will be denied. If your vet is unable or unwilling to administer some vaccinations, we highly recommend the amazing people at Sierra View Animal Hospital. Vaccinations are also available from Kingsburg Veterinary Clinic and PetVet Clinic through Tractor Supply.


We have a lot of dogs entering our property. We therefore have a responsibility to keep it clean and safe. That’s why the following vaccinations are required for every dog (including our own) that enters our property:


  • Canine Influenza. This is a series of 2 vaccines that take a total of 5 weeks. All dogs must complete the entire 5 week vaccination period, administered by a licensed veterinarian, prior to arrival
  • Rabies. A viral disease that attacks the nervous system and, if not treated promptly, results in death
  • Bordetella: A highly contagious respiratory disease (commonly referred to as kennel cough) that can lead to pneumonia, fever, and even death
    • Canine Distemper: Potentially fatal, highly contagious viral infection of the intestine, respiratory tract, and nervous system
    • Canine Hepatitis: Potentially fatal, highly contagious liver infection that can survive in the environment for months
    • Leptospirosis: Damages the kidneys and liver and causes flu-like symptoms. Can also be spread to humans
    • Parvovirus: Potentially fatal virus infection of the gastrointestinal tract causing vomiting and diarrhea. Most dangerous to puppies
    • Parainfluenza: Highly contagious respiratory disease. Not deadly, and typically runs its course without additional treatment
We hope you understand why vaccinations are so important and why we stand firm in requiring them. It’s one more reason why you can entrust your dogs to our care and enjoy your vacation while your dogs enjoy theirs!

Keeping Cool

No denying it – this week has been a scorcher! And being Independence Day, we’ve got a full house. Time to put the cooling system to the test. And so far the results are encouraging! Every dog gets a chance to stretch their legs in the afternoon, and what we’re finding is that they seem quite content to go back into their kennels. We’re so happy to see this!


We do have additional plans to install a misting system for even greater cooling, but it appears our current system is working nicely!


Happy Independence Day!

Summer and Keeping Cool

As the mercury taunts us with 3-digit temperatures, we’re taking steps to keep our outdoor guests cool. Today we installed an intermittent water cooling system for our largest kennel, and so far we’re pleased with the results (it’s noticeably cooler inside the kennel than out!). In the coming week this will be expanded to our remaining kennels, so all of our guests can rest comfortably, both inside and out!

General Update

We had an active month in February, and as things wound down, we did too, enjoying a much anticipated vacation to the Pismo Beach area. Now we’ve kicked off the month of March with another basic obedience training class. Thanks to all who are attending – it takes diligence, patience, and practice, but the techniques really work! Not only will you end up with a better behaved dog, but you’ll truly develop a healthy relationship with your dog at the same time. So hang in there!

One final note to mention that we still have plenty of boarding slots open this month, so don’t hesitate to call!