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We have a lot of dogs entering our property, and we therefore have a responsibility to keep it clean and safe. That’s why the following vaccinations are required for every dog (including our own) that enters our property:


  • Rabies. A viral disease that attacks the nervous system and, if not treated promptly, results in death
  • Bordetella: A highly contagious respiratory disease (commonly referred to as kennel cough) that can lead to pneumonia, fever, and even death.
    • Canine Distemper: Potentially fatal, highly contagious viral infection of the intestine, respiratory tract, and nervous system.
    • Canine Hepatitis: Potentially fatal, highly contagious liver infection that can survive in the environment for months
    • Leptospirosis: Damages the kidneys and liver and causes flu-like symptoms. Can also be spread to humans
    • Parvovirus: Potentially fatal virus infection of the gastrointestinal tract causing vomiting and diarrhea. Most dangerous to puppies
    • Parainfluenza: Highly contagious respiratory disease. Not deadly, and typically runs its course without additional treatment.
We hope you understand why vaccinations are so important and why we stand firm in requiring them. It’s one more reason why you can entrust your dogs to our care and enjoy your vacation while your dogs enjoy their’s!