Who is Natisa?

In celebration of our first wedding anniversary we bought ourselves a Westie pup and affectionately named her Mei Kumi Na Tisa (Swahili for May 19 – our anniversary date). She’s a loving, affectionate, sweet dog that has been an integral part of our family, and we felt it appropriate to make Natisa our boarding house’s namesake.

How do you pronounce “Natisa”?

Good question! We often hear people say “Natasha” or “Nateesha,” but it’s really just like it looks. Natisa is pronounced nuh-tee-suh.

What vaccinations are required?

A very important question. We’ve actually had to turn dogs away on the day of boarding because they were missing some vaccinations! The vaccinations are listed on the boarding contract, and we have a posting on the subject, too.

Do you offer indoor boarding?

Yes, but only for small dogs, and only on an approval basis. Dogs that we board indoors will be in close proximity to our own dogs and cats, and must therefore be well behaved. Some factors we consider include: aggressive tendencies toward other animals, whether your dog is house trained, the size of your dog, etc. We always reserve the right to decline indoor boarding.

Do you board animals other than dogs?

Sorry, no. We may consider it if there is enough interest, but at the moment we only board dogs.

Will you board dogs in heat?

No, it’s just not a good idea.

Why don’t you provide dog food?

A sudden change in diet for a dog is not a good thing. In the best conditions, transitioning a dog from one food to another can (should) take weeks. Adding the inherent stress of unfamiliar surroundings compounds the issue. Additionally, some dogs have allergic reactions to certain ingredients (our Irish Setter, for instance, is allergic to chicken and turkey – go figure for a bird dog!).

That said, you do have the option of having us provide food for your dog at an additional cost. For the sake of your dog, however, we discourage it.

Is pricing per day or per night?

Our ratesĀ are per-day. We do have partial-day ratesĀ for late drop-offs and early pick-ups. Please inquire about this when scheduling your appointment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, or Bitcoin. Cash is preferred. Payment must be made in full at drop-off.

Do you require a down payment?

Typically no. However, on rare occasions a 50% deposit may be required when demand is particularly high.