Progress on the new well

The well is installed! But we’re not finished yet. We still have to transfer the pump from the current well to the new one. We also have a mass of clay to deal with. Anybody have a use for huge amounts of clay? We’d love to hear from you!


The new well is 240 feet deep (the old one was just over 100 feet).


The project and cleanup will be ongoing for the next month at least. The GOOD news is that the boarding and training is not impacted by all this. We’re still actively taking reservations and caring for your dogs like ever before.


For your enjoyment / curiosity, here’s some photos of the drilling project.


Day 1

Drilling Begins
Preparing the drill site


Day 2

Drilling Day 2
Mud extracted from the well
Drilling Day 2
Lots of equipment!
Drilling Day 2
The magic drill bit! They pulled it out at the end of the day to avoid it seizing in the hole due to the walls swelling overnight.


Day 3

Drilling Day 3
The well is complete!
Drilling Day 3
A sticky, muddy mess (we wrapped the gates in plastic to protect them from flying mud)
Drilling Day 3
A mess left behind. Fortunately it dried in a couple days, and the gate still closes securely.


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