July 4th – Are we a good fit for you?

July 4th can be a fun, exciting, terrifying day! Every year there are countless reports of dogs panicking and escaping the confines of their home, to the deep dismay of their owners. And over the years, we’ve seen our share of highly anxious dogs on this holiday.


Being a home-based business offers many perks to you – extended hours for drop-off / pick-up, 7 days a week, a relaxing, home atmosphere, extra-large kennels, personalized care directly from the owners (no hired help), etc.


However, as a home-based business, we’re faced with the challenge of neighbors who don’t get how terrifying bright lights and big booms can be for a dog – especially when that dog is in a new, unfamiliar environment. Some dogs handle the fireworks just fine. If that’s your dog, great! But if you’re looking for a quiet escape for your dog over the Independence Day holiday, we regret to say we’re probably not the best fit.


Whether boarding with us or someone else, please consider if fireworks will be a factor, and whether or not your dog can handle it. We recommend that you err on the side of caution – even if that means staying home or taking your dog with you. They’ll love you for it!

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