Keeping Warm

It’s winter!

One of our favorite times of year, where we enjoy homemade fudge, hot chocolate, Christmas music, family, and cheesy movies. But while we’re cozied up in our home, of course we grow concerned for our dogs outside.


I’m amazed at how resilient most dogs are with cold temperatures. All of our dogs are indoor dogs with fairly light coats. Yet we take them to the snow and they bounce around with no sign of discomfort! Still, playing in the snow and enduring a whole night in frigid weather are two different things, and we’re cognizant of that reality.


So what about your dog?

If you’re concerned about your dog spending the night outside with us, please let us know. In addition to the dog houses we provide, we are equipped with propane heaters. This has been a huge relief to some recent clients, so we felt it was worth mentioning here.


You can also contribute. Does your dog have a doggie jacket? Extra bedding? Or even an electric dog bed heater1? Bring it along and we’ll try to implement it (additional charges may apply).


1 A note about electric dog bed heaters: we don’t supply these, and will only agree to use one if your dog is already accustomed to it. Think carefully before you decide to run a live extension cord into an unattended kennel with a chew-happy dog!


Bottom Line

Ask! We want your dog to be comfortable. So please let us help.

What Now?

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