A Personal Note of Gratitude

In being a small, home-based business, we value our ability to keep things personal. So today we take a detour from our typical business-related posts to share something deeply personal to us. Something you’ve played a part in making possible… Building our family through adoption.


In the course of less than a year’s time, our oldest daughter went from being an only child to being the oldest of four! We were ecstatic in Sept 2014 to bring home our second daughter as a newborn. We were equally ecstatic (and slightly overwhelmed) to bring home twin boys from China in Aug 2015. Four months later and we’re still adjusting to our new life!


The resources needed to grow your family through adoption are considerable, not the least of which being economic. Your trust in us has made it possible to have the family we hoped for. So in the spirit of the Season, we want to express our sincere appreciation for you! We couldn’t have done it without you!


The ability for Sheryl to remain home with our children is of utmost importance to us. And being a dog-lover through and through, dog boarding is an ideal fit. Some have assumed we’d take a break from the business now that we have three one-year-olds in the house (yes, it is a lot of work), but not so! We have every plan to continue boarding as we always have. We’ll even introduce you to our kids if you like :).


Family Photo 2015
Kiana, Jaeden, Sheryl, Kaelyn, Brian, Caleb

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