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October is Full

October has been a busy month, and unfortunately we’ve reached capacity for the remainder of the month. November and December are starting to fill up, too, so book early to ensure your spot!

Don’t Trust your GPS!

Quick tip. We’ve had several people misled by their GPS devices while trying to find us. If you end up north of Adams, this has probably happened to you! We’re located south of Adams. We’re glad to give you directions personally, but if you want to plot directions, use Google Maps – they’ll get you here the first time!

Bark for Life

We are participating in the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life event on Wednesday, August 14, from 5:30 – 7:30pm (at the same time as the Reedley Farmer’s Market). Stop by and say HI! We’ll have treats for you and your dog, and some promotional specials ūüôā You can learn more about the event in this Kings River Life article.


We have a lot of dogs entering our property, and we therefore have a responsibility to keep it clean and safe. That’s why the following vaccinations are required for every dog (including our own) that enters our property:


  • Rabies. A viral disease that¬†attacks the nervous system and, if not treated promptly, results in death
  • Bordetella: A highly contagious respiratory disease (commonly referred to as kennel cough) that can lead to pneumonia, fever, and even death.
    • Canine Distemper:¬†Potentially fatal, highly contagious¬†viral infection of the intestine, respiratory tract, and nervous system.
    • Canine Hepatitis: Potentially fatal, highly contagious liver infection that can survive in the environment for months
    • Leptospirosis: Damages the kidneys and liver and causes flu-like symptoms. Can also be spread to humans
    • Parvovirus: Potentially fatal virus infection of the gastrointestinal tract causing vomiting and diarrhea. Most dangerous to puppies
    • Parainfluenza: Highly contagious respiratory disease. Not deadly, and typically runs its course without additional treatment.
We hope you understand why vaccinations are so important and why we stand firm in requiring them. It’s one more reason why you can entrust your dogs to our care and enjoy your vacation while your dogs enjoy their’s!

Keeping Cool

No denying it – this week has been a scorcher! And being Independence Day, we’ve got a full house. Time to put the cooling system to the test. And so far the results are encouraging! Every dog gets a chance to stretch their legs in the afternoon, and what we’re finding is that they seem quite content to go back into their kennels. We’re so happy to see this!


We do have additional plans to install a misting system for even greater cooling, but it appears our current system is working nicely!


Happy Independence Day!

Summer and Keeping Cool

As the mercury taunts us with 3-digit temperatures, we’re taking steps to keep our outdoor guests cool. Today we installed an intermittent water cooling system for our largest kennel, and so far we’re pleased with the results (it’s noticeably cooler inside the kennel than out!). In the coming week this will be expanded to our remaining kennels, so all of our guests can rest comfortably, both inside¬†and¬†out!

General Update

We had an active month in February, and as things wound down, we did too, enjoying a much anticipated vacation to the Pismo Beach area. Now we’ve kicked off the month of March with another basic obedience training class. Thanks to all who are attending – it takes diligence, patience, and practice, but the techniques really work! Not only will you end up with a better behaved dog, but you’ll truly develop a healthy relationship with your dog at the same time. So hang in there!

One final note to mention that we still have plenty of boarding slots open this month, so don’t hesitate to call!

February Boarding is Filling Up

We have already reached capacity for some days in February. If you want to board with us, please call ASAP. Make sure your dog is current on all vaccinations. You can check our boarding contract in the Downloads section for our vaccination requirements. We cannot accept dogs who are not current on all vaccinations. This ensures the safety of your dog and all other dogs that stay with us.

First Training Class of 2013!

We are pleased to announce our first dog training class of 2013! Class begins March 5 @ 6pm and is a 6-week class. Please contact us ASAP if you’re interested, as we’re only taking a maximum of 6 students. The training contract is available in our Downloads section. Feel free to download it, but be sure to call or e-mail to secure your spot as well. We hope to hear from you soon!

An aversion to chemicals

This is something we naturally practice but don’t necessarily promote well, and I (Brian) thought it would be worthwhile mentioning.¬†Whenever possible, we avoid using chemicals on our property. Now, I’ve titled this post as an aversion¬†to chemicals, because realistically there¬†are¬†times when the use of modern chemicals is necessary (to control mushrooms and foxtails, for instance). But the benefit of using chemicals must be compelling. And of course we always follow the instructions carefully, and we never apply chemicals when actively boarding dogs

Today is an an excellent example of what I mean. We’ve had an ever-increasing population of cheeseweed (Common Mallow) in our back yard, so today I spent a good part of the day pulling them out. I could have used an herbicide to kill them, but it just wasn’t compelling enough. This is our commitment to our own dogs, and it’s our commitment to you!

Incidentally, did you know that cheeseweed leaves are edible and can be used in salads!