An aversion to chemicals

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This is something we naturally practice but don’t necessarily promote well, and I (Brian) thought it would be worthwhile mentioning. Whenever possible, we avoid using chemicals on our property. Now, I’ve titled this post as an aversion to chemicals, because realistically there are times when the use of modern chemicals is necessary (to control mushrooms and foxtails, for instance). But the benefit of using chemicals must be compelling. And of course we always follow the instructions carefully, and we never apply chemicals when actively boarding dogs

Today is an an excellent example of what I mean. We’ve had an ever-increasing population of cheeseweed (Common Mallow) in our back yard, so today I spent a good part of the day pulling them out. I could have used an herbicide to kill them, but it just wasn’t compelling enough. This is our commitment to our own dogs, and it’s our commitment to you!

Incidentally, did you know that cheeseweed leaves are edible and can be used in salads!