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If you’ve boarded with us before, you are now an elite member of the “I remember that dreadful gate!” club. And yes, that means what it sounds like – the precarious 20-foot-wide wood gate that sent us to the chiropractor every time we opened it is a thing of the past!


I (Brian) won’t belabor the issue much, but it was one of my first projects when we moved in. I had never built a gate, so I modelled it after the double-wide 20-foot gate that separated our back yard from our “back-back” yard, which seemed like a good idea. Needless to say, both gates failed miserably, and both have been replaced.


The new gate still has some finishing touches to be made, but it is perfectly functional and secure. The double-wide gate secures closed with heavy duty cane bolts, and the pedestrian gate is key-lockable, and we keep it locked at all times. Our back yard has never been more secure!


Once the final cosmetic touches have been finished, we’ll post pictures, but we are extremely pleased to make this announcement!

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