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Today we upgraded our cooling system for our outdoor kennels by installing a new misting system. It’s approaching the hottest part of the day, and they’re proving to be much more effective than our previous system. Both kennels are occupied, and the dogs seem very content. But we wanted to see for ourselves, so we went and sat in the kennel ourselves – first with the misters off, then with them on. Huge difference! The summer is always a concern of ours, and we hope this eases your minds as you consider boarding with us.


A note about our previous system


Previously we had sprinklers that would keep the roof of the kennels wet, which in theory would cause plenty of evaporation, and hence cooling. They’d come on at 7-8 minute intervals, and remain on for 45 seconds at a time. They did¬†help, but we found it was hard to properly direct the sprinklers, and the ground got more wet than we wanted. Some dogs like to dig to create a cooler spot to lay down, and that resulted in dirtier-than-desired dogs. And we’re finding the misters are more effective, they use less water, and don’t wet the ground near as much, so it’s a win all around. The sprinklers are still there, but for backup only.