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We are hyper-aware of the need to create a safe and secure environment for your dog. Here are some measures we take to accomplish this.



We regularly sanitize all kennels, crates, bowls, etc. For our outdoor kennels we use the Wysiwash sanitation system. For our indoor crates we use pet-specific sanitation products on all crates and equipment.


Large, Fully-Enclosed Yard

Our yard is fully enclosed. The only external access to this yard is through a single gate that we keep locked by key. All other access points are locked and can only be opened from within the yard.


Nearly Chemical-Free

We work extremely hard to avoid using poisonous products on our property. We want our guests to safely chew, dig and roll!


Protected Socialization

Dogs are social animals, but they can also be territorial and aggressive. In favor of safety, we don’t allow unfamiliar dogs loose together unless all owners involved (including us!) expressly permit it.

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