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Since 2012 local dog owners have trusted us to care for their canine companions. It has been our stated goal since day 1 to be your pet’s home away from home, and we continue to strive for that ideal. With 4 dogs of our own, we understand how important that is!


Here’s just a few ways we try to accomplish this:


Outdoor Boarding


We’re talking ~160 ft2 and ~240 ftlarge! Plus two additional kennels (36 ft2 each) that we use when demand requires it.



Some dogs are never satisfied with their side of the fence. That’s why all of our kennels are fully covered, and are also bordered with paving stones.


Misters and Shade

All of our outdoor kennels are equipped with misters for increased comfort in the summer months. They’re also shaded from the sun and the rain.


Indoor Boarding

Indoor boarding has restrictions. See our FAQ for more info.


Integrated into Daily Life

Oftentimes the dogs we board inside become integrated with our family. It is not uncommon to find them resting on the couch, lounging in the sun, or shadowing us throughout the house.


Roomy Crates

Our crates are sized to fit the dog, and mainly get used during the night and when we leave the house.


Taste of Home

We encourage you to bring items from home to make your dog’s stay with us more comfortable (bedding, sheets, toys, treats, etc.). It’s also why we ask that you bring your own food.


Room to Zoom

All dogs get their turn to zoom! We give individual play time for each dog. Some sniff, some explore, others get belly rubs and ear scratches, while others hit turbo and tear it up. It’s their choice.

What Now?

Fill out the form below or contact us to book your reservation. We look forward to hearing from you!